NOTE: This is not an offering or a promise to sell that could bind the seller to the buyer, but an invitation to submit such offers or promises to the seller directly, in the event that there is a successful bidder with acceptable conditions and terms , they will be referred to a mutually agreed notary.

‚ÄčFor any other questions on these lots sold by the owner please call the Owner at 514 457 7001 in Montreal, Canada.

1 Hr 41 mins from Rome, 115 Km.

Vacant farm land in Caenello, Province of Frosinone, 03033 Italy.

Steps from Mingone Hotel, all village conveiences , coffee ice cream shops, bakery, church and  shopping all near by. Please call Owner at 514 457 7001

A roof with a view !

40 Mintues from Monteal Airport 52 Km

Mont-Rigaud Vacant buildable Lot  36,624 sq.ft  Zone H-75 61.57 M x 56.59 M

Please call Owner 514 457 7001 for more information