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sealed bid auction instructions

Due to COVID-19, bidding instructions have changed please review thoroughly

​On-line and/ or in-Person Sealed Bid Auction.

Seal Bid Instructions: Only registered bidders may bid.  You must be registered prior to auction date. All potential bidders shall deliver or mail a sealed bid.

For land and indusrtial buildings and equipment  only on-line bids will be accepted.

For Quebec  Sealed bids wil be accpted.

All potential bidders shall deliver of mail as sealed bid, posted marked  72 hours before closing date of Auction. deliverd to:


7493 Transcanada Highway, Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4T 1T3

If you are unable to get a posted market bid in time, call our office for other arrangements.

​Bidders shall submit a $ 10,000 Cashier Check, as earnest money,


The Cashier Check will be deposited into our MAMMONE IN TRUST ACCOUNT  or our Solicitor 72 hours prior to auction. 

Mammone office staff will contact all on-line bidder(S) days prior to auction to review online bidding procedures, along with call and log-in information. 

All persons submitting a written bid will be allowed to raise their bids after all bids have been opened.

All auctions are sold at risk and perils without and any legal warranty  of quality at risk and perils of the buyers, sold as is, where is condition.

Any real estate taxes, special assessments and rent due and payable will be prorated to date of closing.

The successful bidder(s) will enter into a Purchase Agreement and shall pay as earnest money 10% of the  successful bid on the day of the auction. The  $ 10,000  held in the trust account  shall be credited towards the 10% down earnest money.

If the successful bidder(s) is an online bidder, the Purchase Agreement will br e-mailed to the successful bidder(s) to be signed electronically  and returned  to Mammone with-in six hours after the auction.

If successful bidder(s) does not sign the Purchase Agreement, they acknowledge they will forfeit the $ 10,000 held in the Mammone trust account. The forfeited  monies will become the property of the Seller.

Plus PST and GST applicable Buyer Premium will be added to the final bid price to arrive at the final contract price.

The entire balance of the purchase price, without interest, will be due and payable with-in a 30 day period. At which time possession & marketable title shall be conveyed.

All earnest money will be returned to unsuccessful bidders via check from Mammone in trust account the day of the auction.

​The Seller reserve the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities in the bidding.

Announcements made the day of the auction take precedence over written material.

A COVID-19 Waiver of Liability will be presented to all in person attendees. We ask if you are attending in person that you please bring your own mask or other protective gear you deem appropriate .

​CONTACT  Mario Mammone of MAMMONE Real Estate agency division   Mammone Holdings (MG) Canada Inc. FOR A COMPLETE  INSTRUCTIONS AND DATES OF AUCTIONS. at 514 457 7001 e-mail: